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Do you still use PNX for your Home Page? Will anyone see this?

Howdy!  Back in 2008 and 2009 I wrote a monthly blog about things that interested me or were going on in my life at that time.  Hard to believe that 6 years have passed since those days.  Every now and then I think about writing again.  This morning I had an email that there had been a comment made on one of my posts so I decided to take a look and see what the comment was about.  I suspected that it was spam.

After going through the “Forgot your password” routine, I was soon able to log in to my old account and, like riding a bicycle, I was back in familiar territory.  It turns out there were 127 comments waiting for my approval/disapproval.  The were all trash, some obscene, some wanting to sell a product, some promising me a lot of money if only I would immediately supply my social security number, my checking account number, my height, my weight and my political affiliation.  I looked around a little and found a “Select All” option and then with a smile on my face hit “Delete All.”

A lot has changed in my life since those 127 comments were posted over these past 6 years.  I’m thinking about writing again…



More info on Thursday’s storm

For anyone interested, here is a link to more info about the storm that struck Thursday night. It was something this area hadn’t seen before.


Due to high speed straightline winds, the Chattanooga metro area suffered a great deal of damage to telecom and utility infrastructure Thursday evening.

During the storm, a transformer blew up, caught fire and burned through a number of fiber cables which resulted in a total loss of connectivity between Cleveland and Chattanooga for high-end fiber optic customers.

Technicians worked throughout the night to restore service. They had to repair two sides of the fiber connection due to the fire, which resulted in a LOT of fiber splices.

They finished this work at 3:30 pm EST. We are in the process of checking all of our servers and making sure all service is restored.

Say a prayer for those in the Chattanooga area who have no power in the midst of a big heat wave, especially the sick and the elderly.and those with young children.



Our hearts and prayers are in remembrance for all those affected by the storms on April 27, 2011.

PNX phones back up

PNX’s phones are working again.

Update from our area: At least 5 tornadoes came through our area on April 27. In our county (Bradley County, TN) alone there are 9 confirmed dead, 285 homes destroyed completely, 195 homes with major damage, and many others with minor damage, trees down etc. Same story in surrounding counties in Tennessee and Georgia.

We apologize if you have been unable to reach us. We were blessed to escape with only power outage to our equipment and one blown phone card. Please let us know by phone or email if you have any outstanding issues.