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Update on Orange from Policeman

This e-mail was forwarded to us by an employee of the LCM School District. It is written by Sam Kittrell, Police Chief of the Orange Police Department. Good Morning everyone, I apologize for not communicating yesterday. We lost our cell phone service yesterday because of the flooding and that also blocked my internet access. We […]

Hurricane Ike Info

PNX is requesting that any customers with information on Hurricane Ike damage or any major news related to the Hurricane PLEASE share that with your friends and neighbors. You may do so two ways: You can sign up (easily/quickly) as a user on this website and post a Comment to this article. If you are […]

Move for E-mail Addresses Delayed

Due to quite a number of hosted domains pointing to “” as their primary mail server, we are delaying the transition of to the new server. It will take a few more days before all the domains which depend on have been moved.

Hello Gustav, Goodbye Texas!

It’s official.  Mandatory evacuation is set for parts of East Texas as well as the usual suspects such as New Orleans. For more information, visit KOGT’s website for current news information.