Internet Access
PNX provides local and nationwide dialup access to the Internet. Account includes 5 email addresses and 2MB of personal web space storage with live technical support.  Here is a partial list of our access numbers.
Monthly Access $23.20 per month
Annually $232.20

Website, Domain & Email Hosting
Account includes 20MB web storage, unlimited domain email accounts, secure username/password protected access to PNX Web Server for web page and domain email account management.
Standard $23.20 per month

Additional Web Hosting Fees
Standard $23.20 per month

Domain Transfer – One time fee (transfer from your current host to PNX)
Domain Transfer $50 per month

Web Design and Development – PNX has a designer on staff to aid in the design and maintenance of your website.

New Additions – New pages and/or content added to existing website outside the maintenance parameters.

Maintenance refers to minimal changes to existing web pages at time of transfer.

Design & Development $70 per hr

Maintenance $55 per hr